My Scarlatti CD :  new release at ARABESQUE RECORDS, on their new site:


Recording of new Bach CD called Magna Sequentia.  Recorded in February of 2016, Palmetto, Florida, USA.  To be released.  

Magna Sequentia  (Grand Suite) is an expanded Baroque dance suite, one I created in order to present the different dance forms used by J. S. Bach. It includes several examples of each of the fixed dance movements, allowing us to compare and appreciate his rendering of their different moods.


1. French Overture –  Partita 4 in D Major

2. Allemande (Tendre) – Partita 4 in D Major

3. Allemande (Grave) – Partita 6 in E Minor

4. Corrente (Italian)- Partita 6 in E Minor

5. Courante  (French) –  French Suite 3 in B Minor

6. Courante (Italian) – French Suite 4 in E Flat Major

7. Sarabande (Tendre) – Aria – Goldberg Variations

8. Sarabande (Grave) – Partita 6 in E Minor

9. Minuet – French Suite 1 in D Minor

10. Passepied – Partita 5 in G Major

11. Burlesca – Partita 3 in A Minor

12. Bourrée – Lute Suite in E Minor

13. Loure – French Suite 5 in G major

14. Gavotte – French Ouverture in B Minor

15. Air – Partita 6 in E Minor

16. Gigue (French) – from Goldberg Variations

17. Gigue  – Partita 6 in E Minor

18. Gigue (Italian) – French Suite 5 in G Major

19. Capriccio – Partita 2 in C Minor


As of October 2016, my Scarlatti CD is now being distributed by Arabesque Records.  It is available on Amazon, Deezer, Spotify, Napster, Qobuz.


II CONVEP:  Internet Symposium:  Online Piano Congress.  There have been two Congresses organised by Naira Poloni.  This link has questions from teachers, and my answers.


Recording of Trio:  Sonia Rubinsky, Piano, Patrick Zimmerli, Saxophone/Composer, Jeff Ballard, Percussion. 

At the Sextant Recording Studios in Paris this past November 28th, 2014

Original compositions by Patrick Zimmerli.